About this Course

HTML  and CSS Are the Tools You Need to Build a Website Coding for beginners might seem hard. However, starting with the basics is a great way to familiarise yourself with the syntax and the process of what it takes to create a website. 

This course teaches you HTML and CSS, two programming languages that are essential to master when you are creating your website. This coding for beginners course incorporates three aspects of learning. You will be able to learn HTML & CSS theory and immediately apply the knowledge you’ve learned to practical application. Furthermore, all of the code that you will write will be visually represented within the course. This allows you to see how various changes within the code impacts the website developmentLearn a range of practical methods. Everything from framing the problem, to doing user research, collaborative ideation, prototyping and more.

Advanced Programming Languages

  • Syntax.

  • Semantics. Static Semantics (Type Theory) Dynamic Semantics. ...

  • Pragmatics (Software Patterns, Generic Programming, Visual Programming, Persistence, Reflectiveness, Hyperprogramming)

  • Semiotics.

  • Implementation Techniques: Garbage collection, Abstract Machines.

  • People and Groups.

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