About this Course

Short Term Kids Programming Course is writing a group of instructions for a computer to process/execute. These instructions are typically used to solve a problem, or, to make larger problems shorter and easier to solve.

Really, computer programming is thinking like and communicating with a computer, and is most commonly used to make long and repetitive tasks quick and easy.

As programming continues to change the world, computers are basically everywhere and in many things! Kids who learn to program are learning how to communicate with those computers, thus setting themselves up with a skill they can use to make lives easier through a variety of different career fields. 

For instance, computers are used in art, with robots that can be programmed to paint! In fact, robots themselves are like computers, and need to be programmed before they can do anything. 

And how about space exploration? All spaceships, drones, and other forms of discovery can only work when paired with programming. Programming is used in music, video games, smartphones, cars, and much more. 

Coders use different programming languages to communicate instructions to a computer, with each language specializing in a particular aspect of programming. (Read more about programming languages for kids.)

For instance, JavaScript is great for reaching a web audience, while Lua is a good option for game developers, and Python for the pursuance of fields like artificial intelligence.

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